Monday, April 14, 2014

D-I-V-I-N-E intervention

ride'n high on a tank full of ego...
soar'n with the greatest of ease...where the sky's the limit...and yer names written across the sky fer everyone to see...would boost anyone's self importance...
but tragedy struck over the weekend in the a delusionally popularly unpopular ego went down in flames...leave'n the few who came...wish'n they hadn't come at all!
in close'n...don't bite the hand that feeds yer ego...or you'll get a heel to the head every time...don't whine about gett'n credit when you can't give credit where credit is due with wine in yer hand...or you will be due the credit you served!
a "TRAINWRECK"...come'n soon
and speak'n of come''s been like 2 weeks...i've suffered enough! i decided a weekend of clean'n...cocktails and search'n fer some afternoon
"alright fine...just leave some pocket change on the counter" delight was in order...but after receive'n my order from that i have been wait'n fer 3 years to own as my very own...i decided to stop clean'n...choked down 2 cocktails with my good friend Kathryn...and we hunkered down to watch the best documentary known to me...

ps...fer you dirty lil kittens...i decided to save collect'n any pocket change fer a rainier enjoy a recap of an earlier post from last year of a true performer gone waaay before her time!

the full length documentary is finally completed and ready to own
  "I AM DIVINE" about the life of the great DIVINE

the original “HAIRSPRAY” by John Waters
is what turned me on...into turn'n myself inside out

and not that refried piece of crap that came out a while back...
as an homage to the theater production…that was an homage to the movie

starr’n the one and only...DIVINE

it's like hollyweird take'n the comically brilliant...

and make’n their shopko version to milk the mashed potatoes minds with...
“TO WONG FOO…thanks for everything! Julie Newmar”

which...i'da been more entertained watch'n the porno rip-off version
“TOO MUCH GOO…thanx fer nutt'n! Julia Duffy”

but i digress…i immediately became O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D!

i needed to know anything and everything about the great DIVINE

born on October 19 1945 in Baltimore Maryland as Harris Glenn Milstead

Harris was christened DIVINE after become’n good friends with director
John Waters in the 1960’s

Waters wanted to make the trashiest motion pictures in cinema history and made DIVINE the star in many of his movies…and described DIVINE
“as the most beautiful woman in the world…almost!”

Waters had borrowed the name from a character in a book called
“our lady of the flowers” by Jean Genet

DIVINE’s parents whom were well off financially and hard core babtists…
bought DIVINE his own hair salon to run in the late 60’s…

but DIVINE had zero interest in manage’n the shop and only did hair
until he took his earnings and poured it into his vintage shop called “DIVINE TRASH” in Provincetown Massachusetts during 1970

DIVINE had already starred in a handful of low budget films by Waters
along with many other of Waters "Dreamlanders" cast like...

and David Lochary to name a few

1966 would mark the debut of DIVINE in Waters movie "Roman Candles"
DIVINE played a smoking nun along with the Dreamlanders...this was a plotless collage of random incidents involving sex...drugs...religion and The Wizard of Oz

and later in 1968 the Waters movie entitled “Eat Your Make-Up”

DIVINE portrayed a Jackie Kennedy inspired kidnapper of models
and would make them eat their own make-up

in 1969 DIVINE’s next role was in Waters film “The Diane Linkletter Story”
play’n the daughter of Art Linkletter who commits suicide supposedly under the influence of LSD

that same year DIVINE starred in “Mondo Trasho
which was Waters first silent movie filled with a rock and roll soundtrack

DIVINE starred as a portly blonde bombshell in this silent sleaze-fest
who drives around town and runs over a woman while stare'n at a hitchhiker who she imagines naked and then spends the rest of the day with the victim drive'n around Baltimore and gett'n into bizzarre situations

in 1970...DIVINE starred in “Multiple Maniacs

as the one and only Lady Divine
the owner and operator of an exhibit show called The Cavalcade of Perversion...who would rob and eventually murder the visitors that came

the film that became known as "an exercise in bad taste" by Waters in 1972
was “Pink Flamingo’s” this was DIVINE’s turn’n point into become’n an international cult star

DIVINE played Babs Johnson known as the filthiest person alive
the end’n scene did not disappoint and became a huge cult phenomenom

by the year 1974...DIVINE would star in the Waters movie “Female Trouble
that Waters dedicated to Manson Family member Charles "Tex" Watson

DIVINE plays the teenage delinquent Dawn Davenport...
who thought crime was art and soon became executed by electrocution for her violent behavior…

Divine also played the driver in an edsel station wagon...Earl Peterson...
who drives Dawn to a dump and rapes her...though she consents halfway through...and later finds out she's preggers and wants money from Earl... which Earl says..."Go fuck yourself"...which Divine did by play'n both parts

this was one of DIVINE’s favorite performances...
since he didn’t wanna be typecast as just a perform’n illusionist

by 1981 DIVINE’s next movie “Polyester”…DIVINE played Francine Fishpaw
a middle class suburban Baltimore housewife...married to a cheat'n hubby who owns a porn shop and who's world crumble's around her until she falls in love with her dream boat…Todd Tomorrow…played by Tab Hunter...

this was the first movie ever released in brilliant "odorama”...
which gave audience members "scratch 'n' sniff" cards to smell at certain points during the experience it like no other movie

DIVINE’s next film was made in 1985…his first not filmed by Waters…and teamed up once again with Tab Hunter as Rosie Velez in “Lust in the Dust
parody’n the old western movies from the 1960’s

Rosie gets lost in the desert and finds her way to the town Chile Verde...
and winds up at the saloon run by Marguerita Ventura played by Lainie Kazan...where the locals have been in search for the town's buried gold

that same year DIVINE starred as his first small but important all male role...
in “Trouble in Mind” 

as Hillie Blue with Kris Kristofferson and Keith Carradine

originally penned "White Lipstick" by Waters...“HAIRSPRAY”…which came out in 1988…would be DIVINE’s last brilliant performance...once again play'n duel roles as both Edna Turnblad…a housewife in 1960’s Baltimore...
 and mother to hair hopper Tracey Turnblad…played by pleasantly plump new comer Ricki Lake

and Arvin Hodgepile…the owner and segregationist of the popular...
“The Corny Collins Show” which was based on the real life show “The Buddy Dean Show

also starr’n Debbie Harry and Sonny Bono as the pushy stage parents…
 Velma and Frank Von Tussle...who were owners of the “Tilted Acres Amusement Park”...based on the real life racial problems of Baltimore’s “Gwynn Oak Amusement Park

along with their spoiled beauty queen daughter Amber Von Tussle

the movie also stars Jerry Stiller as Wilbur Turnblad…DIVINE’s husband

DIVINE was not limited to just the big screen...she also was seen on stage

in the summer of 1972...DIVINE starred in "Journey to the Center of Uranus"...sing'n "The Crab at the Center of Uranus" dressed as a lobster
with the psychedelic san fransico drag queen troupe called the "Cockettes"
which became a brilliant documentary released on dvd in 2003

in 1976...DIVINE starred in his 2nd stage production "Women Behind Bars"

play'n Pauline...the head of a womens prison

in 1978...DIVINE did the follow-up show and starred in "the Neon Woman"

as Flash Storm...the owner and retired stripper...set in the 1960's
inspired by Gypsy Rose Lee’s burlesque thriller...The G-String Murders

thru-out DIVINE’s amaze’n and humorously twisted career...
from the silver screen to the stage productions...

DIVINE was also an amaze'n record'n artist with an unmistakable voice

DIVINE had recorded a plethera of songs in the 1980’s and released...

DIVINE was an internationally loved staple thru the club scene of the 1980's

on march 7 1988… two weeks after HAIRSPRAY was released in theaters…
DIVINE was stay’n at the Regency hotel in LA…

and was scheduled to film the pilot as the next door neighbor...
to Al and Peggy Bundy in the tv series "Married with Children"

DIVINE would never make rehearsals as he passed away in his sleep
after dine’n out with his friends of an enlarged heart…DIVINE was 42

2 amaze’n books have been released since DIVINE’s death called...

NOT SIMPLY DIVINE” by his manager and friend Bernard Jay

his mother Frances released the book simply titled “MY SON DIVINE

and collection of travel'n the book entitled...

DIVINE’s legacy has carried on and was the inspiration for...
Ursula the Sea Witch in the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”

in 1998...director Steve Yeager released "Divine Trash"
a brilliant documentary explore'n the life and times of John Waters and his famous star and good friend DIVINE

there will never be a finer DIVINE'r
 order yer copy'll be glad ya did

now get off my dress!